Application For Enjoyment

Working for People like us

My Name is Christos. I assist people in the development of their Business. This includes website, branding, online reputation, growth logistics, and way too many things to mention. But the client needn’t worry. I work with a team of geniuses to offer superior solutions, and best possible support for our clients. We’re always growing and have available spots for Account Agents, Customer Service/Tech Support, as well as PHP and/or JS Developers. All positions are Fulltime freelance. This is freelance position with full time employment. You decide where you work and when you work but hours will be somewhat regular.


Account Agents, Customer Service and Tech Support duties entail timely and thoughtful, angst free, correspondences, with equally thoughtful, hand picked clients. New opportunities and venture abounds, visiting O’hare, JFK, and LAX to meet with clients monthly as we network our ventures, because our clients are special and sometimes they need a hand. You better have people skills and be sharp as a tack, and cool as a cucumber in a bowl of picante salsa. You’ll initiate customer intake for media and data for the rest of the team to process, and you’ll make sure the customer is heard and carefully consider in the allotted response time.

Hosting Administrator.  You’ll be managing Dedicated Linux servers as well as Amazon Elastic Compute Servers providing scalable instances to growing businesses.  We’ll equip you with the tools to monitor stats on your mobile for up to sixteen clients. You’ll adjust memory limitations, and protect our mail servers against the entire country of Russia. Can you scale, consolidate, and distribute packages, buckets, and applets where needed? Good! Can you help people escape of the chains of enterprise oppression?  No? That’s okay we’ll work on that.

It pays to be familiar with Amazon EC2, GitHub, FTP, SSH, Godaddy, Google Drive, and the Google Developer Consoles and cloud migration processes.

Developer, it will be your job to manage and nurture the development of new DetroitExposure Applications and automated solutions that utilize WordPress and Google APIS, as well as over-site for new technologies that make people’s lives simpler (not more complicated). When it comes to you, you’re adept at PHP and/or JS. Your WordPress game is on so tight that you’re losing circulation. You’re an active member in the development community and have published or taken part in creation of Plugins or Themes, JS Applications, APKs, etc., at GitHub, CodeCanyon. You’re accustomed to coding and markup of HTML & basic CSS.


We don’t want you to starve. Make sure to let us know what you expect financially unless you’re enlisting as an intern. You can work anywhere in the world as long as you put in six hours daily. You’ll receive bank transfers to your account on the first for last month’s invoice. Be sure to include:

  • Expected months salary in US Dollar ($) or Euro (€)
  • Details of your WordPress experience.
  • Links to your work/websites.
  • Previous Jobs/accomplishments
  • Why you are the chosen one.
  • Age/Location/dogs/cats/addictions etc.
  • Your IG, Github, Dribbble Account, etc.